Exhibitors at Smart and Secure Cities and Communities Challenge EXPO (July 11-12, 2019)

      I3 Consortium
      360 Network Solutions
      Advanced Flood Warning
      Aging in Style, Southwest Neighborhood Assembly
      Agricultural and Rural Supper Cluster
      Anatomy of a Smart City (City of Schenectady)
      ASVDA Taiwan Smart Cities
      Axis Communications
      BEM Controls, Inc.
      CinDay (Cincinnati-Dayton) Cyber Corridor
      City of Coral Gables
      City Tech Collaborative
      Civic Software Foundation
      Concorde Technologies Inc.
      Council of the Great Lakes Region
      Cyber Resilience Planning (Formerlly Adaptable Security)
      Cybersecurity and Privacy Advisory Committee (CPAC)
      Data SuperCluster (DSC)
      DC Asset Management Lab at the University of the District of Columbia
      Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
      Dell Technologies
      Deloitte Consulting
      DHS Science and Technology
      DLT Solutions
      EastWest Institute
      Eaton Lighting
      Ecube Labs
      Education Super Cluster (ESC)
      Enterprise Infrastructure Partners
      Galway Smart City
      Greater Washington Smart Region Movement
      GO-PS Gyeonggi Open Platform for SmartCity
      Intel Federal LLC
      International Access Corporation
      IoT Enabled Smart City Workshop for City
      Juniper Networks
      Lafayette, Louisiana: Innovation with an Accent
      National Institute of Information Communications, Japan
      NTELS, Suwon City, South Korea
      NTIA, BroadbandUSA
      NTT DATA
      Open City Labs
      PA Depatment of Agriculture
      Palo Alto Networks
      Paradox Engineering - MinebeaMitsumi Group
      Paramount Planet Product
      Public Safety SuperCluster (PSSC)
      Rural Telehealth Initiative
      Saitama City Smart Community Project
      Smart Building Super Cluster (SBSC)
      SmartWAVE Technologies
      SPIN Global Presents ResponderCQ
      Syracuse University Secure Cloud Architecture
      Tech Exchange
      The Open Group
      Transportation Super Cluster (TSC)
      Underground Infrastructure Monitoring
      United States Postal Service
      Upsouth, Auckland Council, New Zealand
      U.S. - ASEAN Smart Cities Partnership
      Vorbeck Materials
      Wabash Heartland Innovation Network
      Wireless Super Cluster (WSC)
      World Smart Sustainable Organization (WeGO)