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Seminar:   D-cycle™ (Differential-stroke cycle) Technology for Next Generations of Engines
Speaker:   Miin J. Yan, PhD, PE
CTO of YAN Engines

Miin-Jeng Yan (QANi' MINp`JENGp in Taiwanese) is a co-founder and the CTO of the Yan Engines, who has a contract to retrofit military heavy diesels with the D-Piston™ (differential-stroke piston) technology - for fuel efficiency and propulsion improvements. Yan Engines has also developed a D-Cycle™ (differential-stroke cycle) 50cc scooter engine for the market, to replace current 4-cycle 125cc scooters which had replaced the popular 2-cycle 50cc scooters. Earlier he led the HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) diesel engines development for Chrysler in DDC/DaimlerChrysler; and worked on aircraft engines in GE and nuclear reactors after his PhD.

He graduated from Kaohsiung HS (1959) and NTU (BS Civil Eng'g 1963) where he served as a TA for 2 years after military service and came to US in 1966. He got a MS (1968 Penn State) and a PhD (1972 Aerospace and Mech Eng'gs plus MA) from Princeton.
Time:   September 15, 2012 from 3:00 pm to 4:45 pm
Place:   Spicewood Springs Branch of Austin Library
8637 Spicewood Springs Rd.
Austin, TX 78750
Fee:   Free
Abstract:   Current 1.5-century old engine technology wastes not only fuel energy but also structural weight/size. The gasoline V6 for cars or the diesel inline-6 for semi-trucks has only half of the engine (3-cylinders) driving the vehicle at all time, as an example. Moreover, the driving half cylinders doníŽt even output full load all the time. The fuel efficiency and the power density are very poor. D-cycle™ makes all cylinders driving at all time and also allows engine volume adaptive to output needs. Thus, it not only greatly improves the fuel efficiency, but also greatly enhances the power output besides reducing cost and emission. I will discuss some technical issues - and show moving models.
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